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“The human body is designed to move. Our brain does not recognize the sedentarism”

NOKK is much more than a gym

Your Healthy Lifestyle Club. Our goal is to help you have a healthier and more active life:



It is a key pillar of good health and essential to improve physical and psychological well-being.

Medical Fitness

Physical exercise as the main strategy for disease prevention and as an adjunct in the treatment of diseases.  Programs specially designed for different diseases and / or physical condition.

Nutrition and Genetics

Nutritional plans with genetic test, adapted to your metabolism and needs. Coaching and nutrition education.


“Physical exercise acts on the hippocampus and regulates stress response, thereby decreasing depression and anxiety” Dr. Sergio Simphronio

Our workout system is backed by science and is focused on health and high performance for life.

Medical Fitness

“You will never be able to escape from chronological age, but the biological age will depend on you”


Exercise is the Best Medicine: NOKK FIT constitutes a new concept of total physical training focused on health and high performance for life.

NOKK FIT is aimed at both healthy people who want to improve their quality of life through physical exercise, such as those who require special attention in their training (pregnant, elderly, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, people recovering from injuries or surgical interventions, etc.).  Also people suffering from work-related stress, and those who seek an improvement in their athletic performance, whether they are professional athletes or amateurs.


Fitness assessment with innovative scientific and biotechnological protocols.


With the international certification of Simph Medical Fitness Institute.


Personal attention. Our professionals guide your workout at all times.


Team of professionals specialized in health, physical exercise and nutrition.


NOKK social club. Because we believe that socialization is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.


Protocols and biotechnological tools to guide your training and improve your health.

Analysis of deviations of physiological curvature, percentage of fat and muscle mass.

Targeted diet based on individualized genetic study.

Individual or group training with the latest technological devices.

nokk club

The NOKK Club aims to provide the social side of wellness, offering healthy meetings with activities such as conferences, healthy cooking workshops, training, culture, networking, etc. Because health is also social. 


Unfortunately I have been suffering with a back injury for over 10 months which has been awful, considering I am a very active sports person. After getting no help from my doctor, apart from take drugs and watch YouTube videos, I stumbled across a life changing event. Nokk Fit opened in Calpe, with the education and treatment plan provided by Dr Sergio Simphronio, I can honestly say I am training again carefully , my back is getting stronger and improving . Nokk Fit is a gym for normal people who may just need help for general health or possibly more serious ailments. We train to be healthy and happy . I have my life back, and in time will be 110% again with Dr Sergio’s help. Can’t thanks these guys enough and would recommend anyone who wants to try change their lifestyle to go along and have a chat. There is no limits to age , it’s just a number .

Jennifer Vance

Clínica Britannia Calpe

Being a young adult and feeling always low in confidence because everyone around me is skinny and unfortunately I am overweight, it was making me feel very depressed. I tried all the diets , bought into all these products promising I will lose weight by drinking this shake and eating more protein, too manys carbs. Ridiculous weight loss programmes recommended by sports people locally. Anyway I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Sergio Simphronio. At Nokk Fit in Calpe. That is when my life changed. In the space of 4 months with just a training routine and a diet and determination which was given to me by the encouragement of Sergio and Sylvia my life changed for ever. I lost 13 kilos in total and I met my target weight. I train for fun, it’s so good and it’s such a family environment. If you want to change your life and lose weight there is no easy cheating plan, just go there and get a programme in place with a qualified doctor . Train safe and just watch the changes happen. 

Jessica Aitchison


I come from Madrid from an elite gym and I wanted to keep fit during my holidays. I found this place and just say that it is one of the best sports centers I have found.
The attention is personalized and Sergio and Silvia are lovely, 100% delivered to you. The best place in Calpe if you want to train with professionals.
Highly recommended !!!!

Susana Hidalgo


My summer 2019 in Calpe could not have been better!
The discovery of Nokk Fit has contributed to this.
Nokk Fit are Sergio and Silvia; their vocation and professionalism; their dedication and attention; their love and delivery.
I have only “worked” with them during the month of August but my mind and body have learned that we, they and I, are much more than we thought.
When I say that I have “worked” it is because, to participate in a Posturology or Nokk Burn class, it means activating all your muscles with full awareness of what you are doing, how you have to do it and what you are doing it for. Total Mindfulness!
I can’t stop mentioning the weather they generate, they make you feel like part of their family, the Nokk Fit family.
I forgot, I started talking about my injuries and my fears and … I’ve already forgotten them!
Thank you for an unforgettable summer!

Rosana Gutiérrez

País Vaco

Nokk gym is a fantastic environment to workout. Sergio and Sylvia are very professional and very friendly .The workouts are well thought out. I have to say also the members are fantastic. I am trying hard with my spanish but am very slow and everyone there has been very patient and really helpful. Its win win for me,a workout and free Spanish classes.

Stephen Kennedy



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