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NOKK FIT is the first center of SIMPH MEDICAL FITNESS INSTITUTE in Spain


SIMPH MEDICAL FITNESS INSTITUTE is an international institution of Medical Fitness and Lifestyle Medicine. It was founded by Dr. Sergio Simphronio, physician specialist in Sports Traumatology and Sports Neurophysiology, member of NASPEM (North American Society for Paediatric Exercise Medicine). The Institute is connected to 52 universities around the world and is a member of the EUROPEAN COLLEGE OF SPORT SCIENCE.

SIMPH MEDICAL FITNESS INSTITUTE focuses its activities to combat sedentary lifestyles and achieving a more physically active society; research on the role of physical exercise in the treatment, prevention and recovery of diseases; the development of exercise programs for “special populations” and people with diseases; education and training for professionals; dissemination of knowledge; health awareness campaigns; advice and consulting for hospitals in the creation of Medical Fitness Units.

We disseminate and promote health research through our international meetings MEDICAL FITNESS CONGRESS SERIES (in Europe and Japan).

SIMPH MEDICAL FITNESS INSTITUTE operates in: Europe, Latin America and Asia.



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